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Bompfünewerer, Athanasius F.
2008 Variations on RNA Folding and Alignment: Lessons from Benasque Paper pdf
Gruber, Andreas R.
Koper-Emde, Dorota...
2008 Invertebrate 7SK snRNAs Paper pdf
Hertel, Jana
Hofacker, Ivo L.
2008 SnoReport: Computational identification of snoRNAs with unknown targets Paper pdf
Gruber, Andreas R.
Kilgus, Carsten...
2008 Arthropod 7SK RNA Paper pdf
Jöchl, Christoph
Rederstorff, Mathieu...
2008 Small ncRNA transcriptome analysis from Aspergillus fumigatus suggests a novel mechanism for regulation of protein-synthesis Paper
Mückstein, Ulrike
Tafer, Hakim
2008 Translational Control by RNA-RNA Interaction: Improved Computation of RNA-RNA Binding Thermodynamics Paper pdf
Geis, M.
Flamm, Christoph
2008 Folding Kinetics of Large RNAs Paper