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Wolfinger, Michael T.
Flamm, W.
2004 Exact Folding Dynamics of RNA Secondary Structures Paper pdf
Beck, Martin
Benkö, Gil
2004 Graph Grammars as Models for the Evolution of Developmental Pathways Paper pdf
Hertel, Jana
Lindemeyer, Manuela
2006 The Expansion of the Metazoan MicroRNA Repertoire Paper pdf
Washietl, Stefan
Pedersen, Jakob S....
2007 Structured RNAs in the ENCODE Selected Regions of the Human Genome Paper
Bompfünewerer, Athanasius F.
2008 Variations on RNA Folding and Alignment: Lessons from Benasque Paper pdf
Fritzsch, Guido
Böhme, Manja U.
2008 PCR Survey of Xenoturbella bocki Hox Genes Paper pdf
Prohaska, Sonja J.
Fritzsch, Guido...
2008 Rate variations, phylogenetics, and partial orders. Paper pdf
Dress, A W M.
Flamm, Christoph
2008 Noisy: identification of problematic columns in multiple sequence alignments Paper pdf
Kapranov, Philipp
Chen, Julian L.
2007 RNA maps reveal new RNA classes and a possible function for pervasive transcription Paper pdf
Hiller, Michael
Findeiß, Sven
2009 Conserved Introns Reveal Novel Transcripts in Drosophila melanogaster. Paper pdf
Geis, M.
Flamm, Christoph
2008 Folding Kinetics of Large RNAs Paper
Perseke, Marlen
Fritzsch, Guido
2008 Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Orders in Echinoderms Paper