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Hertel, Jana
Lindemeyer, Manuela
2006 The Expansion of the Metazoan MicroRNA Repertoire Paper pdf
Herrmann, Michael
Ahtisham, A.
2006 Mercedes Car Group (MCG) Enterprise Architektur – Ein Ansatz zur semantischen Modellierung der Services in einer SOA Paper
Decker, S.
Park, J.
2006 Proceedings of the Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration Workshop (Sem Desk 2006) Paper
Auer, Sören
Bizer, C.
2006 Scripting for the Semantic Web 2006 Paper
Janson, S.
Alba, E.
2006 Hierarchical Cellular Genetic Algorithm Paper
Petzold, E.
Haeseler, A. von
2006 Phylogenetic Parameter Estimation on COWs Paper
Kuske, D.
Genest, B.
2006 A Kleene theorem and model checking algorithms for existentially bounded communicating automata Paper
Kirsten, D. 2006 Distance Desert Automata and Star Height Substitutions Paper pdf
Sax, Ulrich
Mohammed, Yassene
2006 MediGRID - Medical Grid Computing Demo/Poster pdf
Rahm, Erhard
Bernstein, Philip A.
2006 An Online Bibliography on Schema Evolution Paper pdf
Jänicke, Heike 2006 Shape Analysis of the Human Hippocampus Using Spherical Harmonics: An Application to Alzheimer's Disease Dipl pdf
Kirsten, Toralf
Lange, Jörg
2006 An integrated platform for analyzing molecular-biological data within clinical studies Paper
Kirsten, Toralf
Rahm, Erhard
2006 BioFuice: Mapping-based data integration in bioinformatics Paper
Große, Michael 2006 Operation Graph Oriented Correlation of ASIC Chip Internal Information for Hardware Debug Dipl pdf
Greiner, Ulrike 2006 Quality-Oriented Execution and Optimization of Cooperative Processes: Model and Algorithms Diss pdf
Ebling, Julia 2006 Visualization and Analysis of Flow Fields based on Clifford Convolution Diss pdf
Do, Hong-Hai 2006 Schema Matching and Mapping-based Data Integration Diss pdf