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Jähnichen, Patrick 2009 Finding and Analyzing Social Networks in unstructured web log data using probabilistic topic modeling MSc pdf
Eichelbaum, Sebastian
Hlawitschka, Mario...
2009 Image-space Tensor Field Visualization Using a LIC-like Method Paper pdf, pdf
Eichelbaum, Sebastian 2009 Image Space Tensor Field Visualization Using a LIC-like Method Dipl pdf
Hiller, Michael
Findeiß, Sven
2009 Conserved Introns Reveal Novel Transcripts in Drosophila melanogaster. Paper pdf
Schneider, Dominic
Wiebel, Alexander...
2009 Smooth Stream Surfaces of 4th Order Precision. Paper pdf
Hernandez, H.
Blum, C.
2009 Self-Synchronized Duty-Cycling for Mobile Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting Capabilities: A Swarm Intelligence Study. Paper
Engelbrecht, A.
Middendorf, M.
2009 Applied Swarm Intelligence Paper
Droste, M.
Göbel, R.
2009 Stabilizers of direct composition series Paper pdf
Droste, M.
Stüber, T.
2009 Weighted finite automata over strong bimonoids Paper pdf
Droste, M.
Truss, J.K.
2009 Uncountable cofinalities of automorphism groupsof linear and partial orders Paper pdf
Kirsten, D. 2009 A burnside approach to the termination of Mohri's algorithm for polynomially ambiguous min-plus-automata Paper pdf
Kuske, D.
Fichtner, I.
2009 Traces, series-parallel posets, and pictures: a weighted study. Paper
Krefting, Dagmar
Bart, Julian
2009 MediGRID: Towards a user friendly secured grid infrastructure Paper
Aumüller, David 2009 Retrieving metadata for your local scholarly papers Demo/Poster pdf
Aumüller, David 2009 Towards web supported identification of top affiliations from scholarly papers Paper pdf
Bornmann, L.
Marx, W.
2009 Convergent validity of bibliometric Google Scholar data in the field of chemistry Paper pdf