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Bensch, M.
Karim, A.A.
2007 Nessi: An EEG controlled web browser for severely paralyzed patients Paper
Do, Hong-Hai
Rahm, Erhard
2007 Matching Large Schemas: Approaches and Evaluation Paper
Berr, Tobias
Greiner, Ulrike
2007 Enhancing Quality Of Web-service-based Cooperative Business Processes - Definition And Monitoring Of Quality Constraints Paper
Rahm, Erhard
Kirsten, Toralf
2007 The GeWare data warehouse platform for the analysis of molecular-biological and clinical data Paper
Prufer, Kay
Muetzel, Bjoern
2007 FUNC: a package for detecting significant associations between gene sets and ontological annotations Paper
Jarke, M.
Seidl, T.
2007 Datenbanksysteme in Business, Technologie und Web (BTW 2007), Workshop Proceedings Paper
Sax, Ulrich
Weisbecker, Anette
2007 Auf dem Weg zur individualisierten Medizin - Grid-basierte Services für die EPA der Zukunft Paper
Hofacker, Ivo L.
Stadler, Peter F.
2007 RNA Secondary Structure Paper
Steigele, Stephan
Huber, Wolfgang
2007 Comparative Analysis of Structured RNAs in S. cerevisiae Indicates a Multitude of Different Functions Paper
Kruspe, Matthias
Stadler, Peter F.
2007 Progressive sequence alignments from Triplets Paper pdf
Flamm, Christoph
Stadler, Bärbel M. R....
2007 Saddles and Barrier in Landscapes of Generalized Search Operators Paper pdf
Will, Sebastian
Missal, Kristin
2007 Inferring Non-Coding RNA Families and Classes by Means of Structure-Based Clustering Paper pdf
Washietl, Stefan
Pedersen, Jakob S....
2007 Structured RNAs in the ENCODE Selected Regions of the Human Genome Paper
The ENCODE Project Consortium 2007 Identification and analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome by the ENCODE pilot project Paper
Luo, Jing
Stadler, Peter F.
2007 PCR Survey of Hox Genes in the Goldfish Carassius auratus auratus Paper pdf
Missal, Kristin
Stadler, Peter F.
2007 RNAstrand: Reading Direction of Structured RNAs in Multiple Sequence Alignments Paper pdf
Bompfünewerer, Athanasius F.
2007 RNAs Everywhere: Genome-Wide Annotation of Structured RNAs Paper pdf
Woodhams, Michael D.
Stadler, Peter F....
2007 RNase MRP and the RNA Processing Cascade in the Eukaryotic Ancestor Paper pdf
Conant, Gavin C.
Wagner, Günter P....
2007 Modeling amino acid substitution patterns in orthologous and paralogous genes Paper
Menzel, Peter
Stadler, Peter F.
2007 Tanimoto's Best Barbecue: Discovering Regulatory Modules using Tanimoto Scores Paper pdf
Seemann, Stefan E.
Gilchrist, Michael J...
2007 Detection of RNA structures in porcine EST data and related mammals Paper pdf
Mosig, Axel
Chen, Julian L.
2007 Homology Search with Fragmented Nucleic Acid Sequence Patterns Paper pdf
Marz, Manja
Mosig, Axel
2007 U7 snRNAs: A Computational Survey Paper pdf
Perseke, Marlen
Hankeln, Thomas
2007 The Mitochondrial DNA of Xenoturbella bocki: Genomic Architecture and Phylogenetic Analysis Paper pdf
Böhme, Manja U.
Fritzsch, Guido
2007 The complete mitochondrial genome of the Green Lizard Lacerta viridis viridis (Reptilia: Lacertidae) phylogenetic implications and intraspecific variability Paper
Wagner, Günter P.
Otto, Wolfgang
2007 A stochastic model for the evolution of transcription factor binding site abundance Paper
Mosig, Axel
Guofeng, Meng
2007 Evolution of the Vertebrate Y RNA Cluster Paper pdf
Rose, Dominic
Hackermüller, Jörg
2007 Computational RNomics of Drosophilids Paper pdf
Prohaska, Sonja J.
Mosig, Axel
2007 Regulatory Signals in Genomic Sequences Paper
Schuster, Peter
Stadler, Peter F.
2007 Modeling Conformational Flexibility and Evolution of Structure: RNA as an Example Paper
Klemm, Konstantin
Eguiluz, Víctor M....
2007 Analysis of attachment models for directory and file trees Paper
Kapranov, Philipp
Chen, Julian L.
2007 RNA maps reveal new RNA classes and a possible function for pervasive transcription Paper pdf
Löffler, D.
Brocke-Heidrich, K.
2007 Induction of microRNA-21 contributes to the oncogenic potential of Stat3 Paper pdf
Korbel, Jan O.
Urban, Alexander Eckehart...
2007 Paired-End Mapping Reveals Extensive Structural Variation in the Human Genome Paper
Drosophila 12 Genomes Consortium 2007 Evolution of genes and genomes on the Drosophila phylogeny Paper
Horn, Sven
Ehlers, K.
2007 Synchroma grande spec. nov. (Synchromophyceae class. nov., Heterokontophyta): An Amoeboid Marine Alga with Unique Plastid Complexes Paper
Gonzalez-Avella, Juan Carlos
2007 Information Feedback and Mass Media Effects in Cultural Dynamics Paper
Baeza-Yates, R.
Junqueira, F.
2007 Admission Policies for Caches of Search Engine Results Paper
Holz, F.
Witschel, Hans Friedrich
2007 An Evaluation Framework for Semantic Search in P2P Networks Paper
Büchler, Marco
Heyer, Gerhard
2007 Kookurenzberechnungen mit UIMA und Medusa Paper
Witschel, Hans Friedrich 2007 Global Resources for Peer-to-Peer Text Retrieval Paper
Gründer, S. 2007 Aspectual Shift via Supevaluation Paper
Cysouw, M.
Biemann, Christian
2007 Using strong's numbers in the bible to test an automatic alignment of parallel texts Paper
Hallsteinsdóttir, E.
Eckart, T.
2007 Íslenskur orðasjóður - Building a Large Icelandic Corpus Paper
Socher, R.
Biemann, Christian
2007 Combining Contexts in Lexicon Learning for Semantic Parsing Paper
Gottwald, Sebastian
Heyer, Gerhard...
2007 WCTAnalyze - Collecting, Indexing, Accessing and Visualizing Temporally Indexed Textual Resources Paper
Biemann, Christian
Heyer, Gerhard
2007 The Leipzig Corpora Collection - Monolingual corpora of standard size Paper
Loos, B.
Biemann, Christian
2007 Supporting Web-based Address Extraction with Unsupervised Tagging Paper
Melz, R.
Wittig, T.
2007 Universal Regularities of Language Statistics Paper
Biemann, Christian
Giuliano, C.
2007 Unsupervised Part of Speech Tagging Supporting Supervised Methods Paper