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Linz, Andreas 2017 Programming a remote controllable real-time FM audio synthesizer in Rust MSc pdf
Obraczka, Daniel 2017 Active Learning of Link Specifications using Decision Tree Learning BSc pdf
Lin, Ying-Chi 2016 Algorithms for Map Generation and Spatial Data Visualization in LIFE MSc pdf
Kaim, Andrea 2015 Conservation Prioritization Problems and their Shadow Prices Dipl pdf
Pinseler, Mirko 2016 Design and Investigation of a Multi Agent Based XCS Learning Classifier System with Distributed Rules MSc pdf
Wabnitz, Paul 2016 Sarnak’s Conjecture about Möbius Function Randomness in Deterministic Dynamical Systems Dipl pdf
Möller, Maximilian 2015 Connecting GOMMA with STROMA: An Approach for Semantic Ontology Mapping in the Biomedical Domain BSc pdf
Blümel, Christoph 2015 Comparison of (order-independent) transparency algorithms with osgTT BSc pdf
Brümmer, Martin 2015 Expanding The NIF Ecosystem - Corpus Conversion, Parsing And Processing Using The NLP Interchange Format 2.0 MSc pdf
Paul, Erik 2015 Weighted Tree Automata and Quantitative Logics with a Focus on Ambiguity Dipl pdf
Gerighausen, Daniel 2014 TiBi-3D -- a Guide through the World of Epigenetics MSc pdf
Kähler, Maximilian 2012 Shape Spaces and Shape Modelling Analysis of planar shapes in a Riemannian framework MSc pdf
Westphal, Patrick 2014 Quality Assurance of RDB2RDF Mappings MSc pdf
Kähler, Maximilian 2015 On Quasi-equivalence of Quasi-free KMS States restricted to an Unbounded Subregion of the Rindler Spacetime Dipl pdf
Korn, Nico 2011 Gaussian Processes for Uncertainty Visualization MSc pdf
Schmäche, Christopher 2013 An Obstacle Problem for a fractional power of the Laplace Operator Dipl pdf
Hasselberger, Hannes 2012 The existence of infinitely many closed geodesics on a riemannian manifold, containing an isolated prime closed geodesic with maximal index growth Dipl pdf
Brekle, Jonas 2012 Flexible RDF data extraction from Wiktionary - Leveraging the power of community build linguistic wikis MSc pdf
Stadler, Claus 2010 Community-Driven Engineering of the DBpedia Infobox Ontology and DBpedia Live Extraction Dipl pdf
Lyko, Klaus 2012 EAGLE - Learning of Link Specifications using Genetic Programming BSc pdf
Zirnstein, Heinrich-Gregor 2012 Formulating Szemerédi's Theorem in Terms of Ultrafilters Dipl pdf
Andersen, Björn 2011 A Diagnostic System for Remote Real-Time Monitoring of Marine Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems BSc pdf
Hillner, Stanley 2011 LIMES M/R: Parallelization of the LInk discovery framework for MEtric Spaces using the Map/Reduce paradigm MSc pdf
Wong, Renata 2011 An Implementation of Splitting for Dung Style Argumentation Frameworks BSc pdf
Hoyer, Marcel 2012 Scalability of Topic Map Systems MSc pdf
Arnold, Patrick 2011 The Basics of Complex Correspondences and Functions and their Implementation and Semi-automatic Detection in COMA++. MSc pdf
Gringmann, Lydia 2010 Hypergraph Products Dipl pdf
Jähnichen, Patrick 2009 Finding and Analyzing Social Networks in unstructured web log data using probabilistic topic modeling MSc pdf
Huschenbett, Martin 2010 Models for Quantitative Distributed Systems and Multi-Valued Logics MSc pdf
Mennicke, Roy 2010 Re-pair for Trees Dipl pdf
Glomb, Torsten 2010 Sequence specific probe signals on SNP microarrays Dipl pdf
Thomys, Oliver 2010 Asymptotic Behaviour of Capillary Problems governed by Disjoining Pressure Potentials Diss pdf
Eichelbaum, Sebastian 2009 Image Space Tensor Field Visualization Using a LIC-like Method Dipl pdf
Wiebel, Alexander 2008 Localized Flow, Particle Tracing, and Topological Separation Analysis for Flow Visualization Diss pdf
Boronat, Xavier Azagra 2008 A comparison of HTML-aware tools for Web Data extraction Dipl pdf
Hellmann, Sebastian 2008 Comparison of Concept Learning Algorithms With Emphasis on Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Web Dipl pdf
Mühlhoff, Rainer 2007 Higher Spin Fields on Curved Spacetimes Dipl pdf
Nittka, Alexander 2008 A Method for Reasoning about other Agents' Beliefs from Observations Diss pdf
Jänicke, Heike 2006 Shape Analysis of the Human Hippocampus Using Spherical Harmonics: An Application to Alzheimer's Disease Dipl pdf
Wolters, Carsten H. 2003 Influence of Tissue Conductivity Inhomogeneity and Anisotropy on EEG/MEG based Source Localization in the Human Brain Diss pdf
Weber, S. 1998 Investigations in Belnap's Logic of Inconsistent and Unknown Information Diss pdf
Tröger, Gerd 2001 Porting the Linux Kernel to the TriCore Architecture Dipl
Wagner, Gerd 1997 Conceptual Foundations of Artificial Agents Habil pdf
Schlömerkemper, Anja 2002 Magnetic forces in discrete and continuous systems Diss pdf
Rieger, Marc Oliver 2002 Nonconvex Dynamical Problems Diss pdf
Pies, Robert 2001 Simulation and Investigation of Embodied Autonomous Robots driven by Homeokinetic Control Dipl pdf
Nittka, Alexander 2003 A 3-Valued Approach to Disbelief Dipl pdf
Müller, Robert 2002 Event-Oriented Dynamic Adaptation of Workflows: Model, Architecture and Implementation Diss pdf
Miarka, Ralph 1998 Formal Specification and Verification of Knowledge and its Application Dipl pdf
Martius, Georg 2005 Active Learning in the Sensorimotor Loop Dipl pdf