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Kaim, Andrea 2015 Conservation Prioritization Problems and their Shadow Prices Dipl pdf
Wabnitz, Paul 2016 Sarnak’s Conjecture about Möbius Function Randomness in Deterministic Dynamical Systems Dipl pdf
Kähler, Maximilian 2015 On Quasi-equivalence of Quasi-free KMS States restricted to an Unbounded Subregion of the Rindler Spacetime Dipl pdf
Schmäche, Christopher 2013 An Obstacle Problem for a fractional power of the Laplace Operator Dipl pdf
Hasselberger, Hannes 2012 The existence of infinitely many closed geodesics on a riemannian manifold, containing an isolated prime closed geodesic with maximal index growth Dipl pdf
Zirnstein, Heinrich-Gregor 2012 Formulating Szemerédi's Theorem in Terms of Ultrafilters Dipl pdf
Gringmann, Lydia 2010 Hypergraph Products Dipl pdf
Thomys, Oliver 2010 Asymptotic Behaviour of Capillary Problems governed by Disjoining Pressure Potentials Diss pdf
Mühlhoff, Rainer 2007 Higher Spin Fields on Curved Spacetimes Dipl pdf
Wolters, Carsten H. 2003 Influence of Tissue Conductivity Inhomogeneity and Anisotropy on EEG/MEG based Source Localization in the Human Brain Diss pdf
Finster, Felix 2000 Der Diracsee im äußeren Feld Habil pdf
Friedrich, Benjamin 2004 Periods and Algebraic deRham Cohomology Dipl pdf
Bachmann, Olaf
Gräbe, Hans-Gert
2000 The SymbolicData Project - Towards an Electronic Repository of Tools and Data for Benchmarks of Computer Algebra Software Report pdf
Boller, Stefan 2002 Spectral Theory of Modular Operators for von Neumann Algebras and Related Inverse Problems Diss pdf
Apel, Joachim
Stückrad, Jürgen
1995 Intersections of Sequences of Ideals Generated by Polynomials Report pdf
Apel, Joachim
Stückrad, Jürgen
1997 Term Bases for Multivariate Interpolation of Hermite Type. Report pdf
Apel, Joachim
Stückrad, Jürgen
1994 Reduction of Everywhere Convergent Power Series with respect to Groebner Bases Report pdf