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Rahm, Erhard
Bernstein, Philip A.
2001 A Survey of Approaches to Automatic Schema Matching Paper pdf
Stöhr, Thomas 2001 Analytische Bestimmung einer Datenallokation für Parallele Data Warehouses Paper pdf
Stöhr, Thomas
Rahm, Erhard
2001 Warlock: A Data Allocation Tool for Parallel Warehouses Paper pdf
Märtens, Holger 2001 A Classification of Skew Effects in Parallel Database Systems Paper pdf
Märtens, Holger
Rahm, Erhard
2001 On Parallel Join Processing in Object-Relational Database Systems Paper pdf
Melnik, Sergey
Rahm, Erhard
2001 DOL: An Interoperable Document Server Paper pdf
Madhavan, Jayant
Bernstein, Philip A....
2001 Generic Schema Matching with Cupid Paper pdf
Greiner, Ulrike 2001 Adaptives Workflow-Management für kooperierende Workflows Paper pdf
Böhme, Timo
Rahm, Erhard
2001 Benchmarking XML Database Systems - First Experiences Paper pdf
Böhme, Timo
Rahm, Erhard
2001 XMach-1: A Benchmark for XML Data Management Paper pdf