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BIOINF 07-011: Homology Search with Fragmented Nucleic Acid Sequence Patterns

Axel Mosig, Julian L. Chen, Peter F. Stadler


  • fragrep-2.tar.gz
  • Quick installation guide:

  • tar xzf fragrep-2.tar.gz
  • cd fragrep-2
  • make release
  • RNAse MPR RNAs

  • Search Pattern for yeast [fragrep pattern format]
  • Search Pattern for amphioxus and Saccoglossus kovalevskii [fragrep pattern format]
  • MRP candidates in amphioxus and Saccoglossus kovalevskii [fasta format]
  • Aligned matches of amphioxus and Saccoglossus kovalevskii [clustalw format]
  • Vault RNAs

  • Search Pattern [fragrep pattern format]
  • Alignmentof known sequences and new candidates [Stockholm format]