Controlling Disk Contention for Parallel Query Processing in Shared Disk Database Systems

Rahm, Erhard
Stöhr, Thomas
Shared Disk database systems offer a high flexibility for parallel transaction and query processing. This is because each node can process any transaction, query or subquery because it has access to the entire database. Compared to Shared Nothing, this is particularly advantageous for scan queries for which the degree of intra-query parallelism as well as the scan processors themselves can dynamically be chosen. On the other hand, there is the danger of disk contention between subqueries, in particular for index scans. We present a detailed simulation study to analyze the effectiveness of parallel scan processing in Shared Disk database systems. In particular, we investigate the relationship between the degree of declustering and the degree of scan parallelism for relation scans, clustered index scans, and non-clustered index scans. Furthermore, we study the usefulness of disk caches and prefetching for limiting disk contention. Finally, we show the importance of dynamically choosing the degree of scan parallelism to control disk contention in multi-user mode.
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Report Nr. 1/1994 des Institutes für Informatik der Universität Leipzig
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