Aspects of Large Scale Symbolic Computation Management

Apel, Joachim
Klaus, Uwe
The special-purpose computer algebra system FELIX is designed for computa- tions in constructive commutative and non-commutative algebra. In this paper we discuss some features of the system supporting the computation of rather com- plex problems, especially standard basis computations, using standard hardware. There is a first aspect concerning the definition and implementation of the basic data types which should be a good compromise between space and time efficient representations of the algebraic objects. Usually, rather complex computations are very time consuming (up to weeks) and often require several attempts. So, there are included special session saving methods in FELIX which allows to backup the attained intermediate results in form of memory images into special session files and to restart later on. Finally, we describe our efforts crunching complex problems by parallelization. The implemented interface is based on stream sockets and includes a special protocol for the data exchange. It supports the distributed computation on heterogeneous, loosely coupled systems.
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Report Nr. 11/1998 des Institutes für Informatik der Universität Leipzig
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