iFuice - Information Fusion utilizing Instance Correspondences and Peer Mappings

Rahm, Erhard
Thor, Andreas
Aumüller, David
Do, Hong-Hai
Golovin, Nick
Kirsten, Toralf
We present a new approach to information fusion of web data sources. It is based on peer-to-peer mappings between sources and utilizes correspondences between their instances. Such correspondences are already available between many sources, e.g. in the form of web links, and help combine the information about specific objects and support a high quality data fusion. Sources and mappings relate to a domain model to support a semantically focused information fusion. The iFuice architecture incorporates a mapping mediator offering both an interactive and a script-driven, workflow-like access to the sources and their mappings. The script programmer can use powerful generic operators to execute and manipulate mappings and their results. The paper motivates the new approach and outlines the architecture and its main components, in particular the domain model, source and mapping model, and the script operators and their usage. For further information see the <a href="/projekte/DATAINT/index.html">iFuice project homepage</a>.
Appeared / Erschienen in: 
8th International Workshop on the Web and Databases (WebDB)
Pubdate / Erscheinungsdatum: 
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