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Klemm, Konstantin
Stadler, Peter F.
2006 Statistics of cycles in large networks Paper pdf
Mückstein, Ulrike
Tafer, Hakim
2006 Thermodynamics of RNA-RNA Binding Paper pdf
Hofacker, Ivo L.
Stadler, Peter F.
2006 Memory Efficient Folding Algorithms for Circular RNA Secondary Structures Paper pdf
Forst, Christian V.
Flamm, Christoph...
2006 Algebraic Comparison of Metabolic Networks, Phylogenetic Inference, and Metabolic Innovation Paper pdf
Imrich, Wilfried
Stadler, Peter F.
2006 A Prime Factor Theorem for a Generalized Direct Product Paper pdf
Prohaska, Sonja J.
Stadler, Peter F....
2006 Evolution of the Vertebrate Parahox Clusters Paper pdf
Crow, Karen D.
Stadler, Peter F.
2006 The fish specific Hox cluster duplication is coincident with the origin of teleosts Paper pdf
Mosig, Axel
Sameith, Katrin
2006 fragrep: Efficient Search for Fragmented Patterns in Genomic Sequences Paper pdf
Fritzsch, Guido
Schlegel, Martin
2006 Alignments of Mitochondrial Genome Arrangements: Applications to Metazoan Phylogeny Paper pdf
Attolini, Camille Stephan-Otto
2006 Evolving Towards the Hypercycle: A Spatial Model of Molecular Evolution Paper pdf
Hofacker, Ivo L.
Stadler, Peter F.
2006 Modeling RNA Folding Paper pdf
Massmann, S.
Engmann, D.
2006 COMA++: Results for the Ontology Alignment Contest OAEI 2006 Paper