Fabric-like Visualization of Tensor Field Data on Arbitrary Surfaces in Image Space

Eichelbaum, Sebastian
Hlawitschka, Mario
Hamann, Bernd
Scheuermann, Gerik
Abstract in English: 
Tensors are of great interest to many applications in engineering and in medical imaging, but a proper analysis and visualization remains challenging. It already has been shown that, by employing the metaphor of a fabric structure, tensor data can be visualized precisely on surfaces where the two eigendirections in the plane are illustrated as thread-like structures. This leads to a continuous visualization of most salient features of the tensor data set. We introduce a novel approach to compute such a visualization from tensor field data that is motivated by image-space line integral convolution (LIC). Although our approach can be applied to arbitrary, non-selfintersecting surfaces, the main focus lies on special surfaces following important features, such as surfaces aligned to the neural pathways in the human brain. By adding a postprocessing step, we are able to enhance the visual quality of the of the results, which improves perception of the major patterns.
Notes / Bemerkungen: 
Submitted to Dagstuhl Seminar 09302
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