CARBON a Web application and a RESTful API for argumentation

Runge, Jakob
Abstract in English: 
This thesis documents the development of Collaborative Argumentation Brought Online (CARBON). Collaborative Argumentation Brought Online (CARBON) aims to make abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs) available via HTTP by providing a RESTful API and a JavaScript heavy application, that allows to use ADFs in a wiki context on top of that API. The thesis summarizes basic concepts of abstract argumentation using examples of Dung argumentation frameworks (AFs), bipolar argumentation frameworks (BAFs) and abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs). The advantages of using Haskell as a programming language for server side software are demonstrated by discussing central concepts of functional programming and how these influenced the design or our solutions and simplified the creation of a RESTful API. It is described, how argumentation can be embedded in a wiki, and how a mapping between wiki articles and statements can be established to enable users to create new content while still being able to work with ADFs. To simplify the creation of acceptance conditions, a custom approach to proof standards is presented that allows to translate a bipolar argumentation framework (BAF) with proof standards into a ADF.
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