On Quasi-equivalence of Quasi-free KMS States restricted to an Unbounded Subregion of the Rindler Spacetime

Kähler, Maximilian
Abstract in English: 
The Unruh effect is one of the most startling predictions of quantum field theory. Its interpretation has been controversially discussed, since the first publications of Fulling, Davies and Unruh in the 1970ties. In a recent paper Buchholz and Solveen proposed an application of basic thermodynamic definitions to clarify the meaning of temperature and thermal equilibrium in the Unruh effect. As a result the interpretation of the KMS-parameter as an expression of local temperature has been questioned. The main result of my diploma thesis asserts quasi-equivalence of the disputed KMS states on a subregion of Rindlerspace that infinitely extends in the direction of travel of a uniformly accelerated Rindler-observer. Exploring the consequences of this result, I will present new insights on the asymptotic behaviour of such KMS states and how this fits into the picture drawn by Buchholz and Solveen.
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